Karin Ruggaber: beings, undone, very

Ruggaber draws oblique lines of connection between items of use and modes of display and encounter. Her works are associative and open, yet formally rigorous and emphatically concrete. Recent works explore figuration, ornamentation, aspects of touch and the relationship to architectural scale. Imaginary processes and internal states are transformed into an invented vocabulary of sculptural form in which principles of ordering and layering are set against the roughness and imprecision of material and surface.

      At Walter Knoll, Ruggaber projected a fictional space onto modernist design of the kind represented by the manufacturer's brand. The exhibition consisted of a number of elements that, in various ways, made use of the rich palette of Walter Knoll's materials archive. Leather and high-tech meshed fabrics, soft furnishings and woods, engage in unfamiliar alignments, forming the image of a world in which known things exist in new states. The exhibition approached established forms of display in a speculative mode. Ruggaber's works suggest an internally coherent but ultimately self- enclosed space, the invented setting for a re-examination of functionality, spatial composition and the translation of pictorial principles into sculpture.

The exhibition was curated, designed and produced by Systems.