Unfeasible: limit, check, opening

Unfeasible was an exhibition of architectural fictions curated, designed and produced by Systems. Ten practices each proposed a building that could not exist because, for whatever reason, it is was unbuildable in principle. It was left to the contributors themselves to decide the blocking factor. For some this turned out to be a lack of political will in the area of social housing, whilst for others it was just that the desert won’t keep still.

      In many ways the exhibition had to do with limitation, the conditions that constrain architectural possibilities in the present. But it also had to do with an imaginary projection beyond limits. In this, Unfeasible suggested a mode of thinking, if not the material means, by which those limits might be exceeded. Despite its apparent theme this was an exhibition of architectural utopianism. The utopian, in this case, was not a merely impractical, misguided or unrealistic form of thinking. We thought of it instead as a nod towards a possible practice, one that refuses to allow itself to be limited by the supposed realism of ‘the way things are’. 

Contributing architectural practices

Atelier Vidal Tomás, Barcelona

David Kohn Architects, London

Fala Atelier, Porto

Feilden Fowles, London

Go Hasegawa and Associates, Tokyo

Grafton Architects, Dublin

Plan Comun, Santiago

Stanton Williams, London

Wim Goes Architectuur, Gent