Francesco Lo Savio

Artist’s monograph design for Mart (Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto), following ‘Francesco Lo Savio’, an exhibition at the museum consisting of 50 works alongside newly discovered archival materials, sketches, plans and photographs. More than a conventional catalogue, the dual language book extends the exhibition’s revisionist project through a collection of essays, exhibition views, and detailed appendices.

       Our design approach was informed by the re-interpretation of Lo Savio suggested by many of the book’s essays. For whilst the artist may appear to have anticipated Minimalism's severe formalism, his quasi-scientific method turns out to have been rather more humanistic, if not, indeed, romantic, than that of his later American counterparts. We used three grids to modulate categorical structure with variation and flexibility. A similar thought underpinned our use of type, the size of which was varied according to application – on one side logical, marking distinctions between varied orders of content, on the other providing unexpected visual shifts, a move reinforced in another register by the use of red and blue coloured type to distinguish Italian and English translation. The book was conceived as an object. At just over 380 pages, its soft linen-bonded cover flexes in the hand, recalling Lo Savio’s interest in pliable materials.