Braun + Vitsoe: Total Design

An exhibition design for a presentation of Braun and Vitsoe Design within a private residence, as part of the 2018 London Festival of Architecture. Numbers for each of the 46 objects were applied to adjacent walls and floor, whilst corresponding captions were removed to a printed guide. This separation produced a tension between a naturalistic arrangement and the formal devices of museological display.

      Our thought here was that the printed guide should also exist, complete on its own account, outside the exhibition. The final spreads visually summarise the show as a gridded series of cropped photographs. The overlaying of a numerical system in the exhibition space is restated in the relation between bold type and muted images. The theme of layering is restated once more in the cover design. At the level of print – silver ink is printed over black onto an uncoated stock, images and type are reversed out, thereby creating three distinct visual strata. At the level of imagery – reversed out object silhouettes are punched through a layer of silver to expose a line drawing of the building rendered in half-tone. Removing their difference of scale, the layered superimposition of objects and building both emphasises their formal continuity whilst also holding them apart. A short essay occupies the centre spread. The shift in viewpoint from the surrounding captioning texts is expressed in the use of a silver stock. 

      As with all of our projects, it was fundamental for us that design decisions are not made arbitrarily. What is beautiful, for us, is not separate from what communicates with the greatest economy.