Archivio Luigi Ghirri


The Reggio-Emilia-based archive of fine art photographer, Luigi Ghirri.



Over the course of a lifetime, renowned fine art photographer Luigi Ghirri built a vast body of work that included many thousands of photographs and dozens of books. Presenting this legacy online was essential to ensuring and promoting access to, and understanding of, his life's work. 

We prioritised the need for the archive to be readily searched and shared, and so the website was developed to hold a great number of large image files (many of which had previously been held back). Images were divided into categories that parallel Ghirri's published body of work, and presented alongside comprehensive content examining the artist's biography, bibliography and exhibitions, widening the emphasis from the artist's work to his life.  

      In developing the archive's visual language, we took inspiration from Ghirri's fascination with cartography, incorporating small type, fine rulers and use of white space; supplemented by custom photography.