Doppio Gioco

We were flattered to be invited to design the website of curator Luca Lo Pinto’s contribution to the Liaux project, Doppio Gioco, which translates into English as Double Game. His concept was to engage in a formal diaglogue with the work of artist Luca Vitone by proposing a series allusive pairings of the latter’s works with those of other artists. Our approach combined the continuous linearity of a timeline with the back-and-forth of a dialogue. Spanning the period 1983 – 2016, thirty-four works by Vitone are arranged on the left of the page as a column in vertical series. Lo Pinto’s responses appear to the far right as a single image whose selection is activated by the visitor’s scrolling action. The design is spare and precise, playful and suggestive in accordance with the curator’s purpose.